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Aineko: from Bots to Agents

The Origins of Aineko

In the whirlwind year of 2022, crypto was the big thing. As markets rallied to dizzying heights on the premise of digital dreams and empty promises, a series of revelations shook the world so hard it left in its wake a vortex of volatility.

Amidst these tumultuous times, a group of crypto traders saw an opportunity in the chaos and ambitiously scaled their operations from a single bot to a formidable array. This expansion, however, exposed the limitations of their existing infrastructure, bogging them down with the complexities of managing and scaling their fleet of bots.

This bottleneck led to the birth of Aineko, a robust and scalable framework engineered from the ground up to scale trading operations efficiently. Aineko abstracted away the important yet frustrating parts of building bots—inter-process communication and deploying production-grade applications. Aineko eventually enabled a lone warrior (read: developer) to manage nearly a hundred bots trading over $100M in monthly volume through seamless redeployment in the cloud.

This is the story of Aineko, a framework for building intelligent applications such as LLM agents. Like many great open-source packages, Aineko started as an internal tool created out of necessity. Since then, Aineko has evolved into a powerful framework for developing event-driven applications. As a core architect of Aineko, I would like to share with the world some of the biggest decisions we had to make.

Need for Speed (and Scale)

Aineko was conceived to create solutions that could:

  • Respond to events quickly

  • Apply complex processing to large amounts of data

This led to a framework capable of abstracting data, compute, and infrastructure. Aineko provided developers with the tools needed to build these applications efficiently. Some of the key architectural principles that shaped Aineko included:

  • Treating data and compute as first-class citizens.

  • Allowing users to focus on application-specific logic—leaving the hard stuff to Aineko.

  • Facilitating loose coupling of data, compute, and infrastructure.

The framework is configured to work right out of the box, with sensible defaults to ensure that users can get up and running immediately. Beyond that, Aineko is highly extensible, designed with modular components that can be interchanged depending on scaling or customization needs.

Beyond Trading Bots: A Versatile Framework

At some point, we realized that Aineko had far more potential than just for crypto trading bots. Having seen the benefits of Aineko for our own increasingly complex projects, we wanted to share Aineko with the world—it was always meant to be a catalyst for innovation. So, we headed to the frontiers of technology to search for Aineko’s new home.

It became clear that building increasingly intelligent applications (sometimes called agents, often powered by Generative AI), was the future. These applications have a set of requirements that were not typical of previous generations of web-centric applications but were well-suited to Aineko. Some of Aineko’s architectural decisions that make this possible include:

  • Support for long-running stateful processes.

  • Support for event-driven architectures.

To prove our point, we created the singularity (or whatever your choice of term for sentient robots is). We began building Aineko Dream, a code-generating agent that could produce an Aineko application from a given prompt. The results were highly encouraging—from prompt to deployed application in under 15 minutes. This was the final push we needed to position Aineko as the go-to framework for developers looking to build intelligent agents.

Building the Future with Aineko

Our ambition for Aineko is to be a key enabler of innovative technologies, particularly in the realm of generative AI. The framework's ease of use and extensibility provide a solid foundation for developers to explore new horizons. We believe Aineko will democratize access to cutting-edge technology, empowering developers to bring their visionary ideas to life. We invite all builders, tinkerers, and dabblers in the generative AI space to come and use Aineko for their projects.

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