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A better way to 
data-intensive apps

Simple enough for novices and powerful enough to scale complex data applications.

Aineko Cloud


Aineko's convenient abstractions provide everything you need to swiftly develop your data-intensive application.

Iterate quickly, avoid pitfalls.


Whether for a prototype or a production-grade application, deploy in the cloud by simply connecting your repo and pushing a PR.

From your IDE, to the cloud in seconds.


Customize apps to any level of complexity and handle data evolution with ease. Increase load and capacity, without new code.

Grow to planet-scale, skip the headache.


Gain profound insights into the health and performance of both your applications and data, streamlining end-to-end management.

Smart diagnostics, designed for data apps.

Effortlessly Build and Scale Your Applications with

Aineko Open Source

Introducing our framework
We are thrilled to announce that an open-source version of our framework is available to use!

Open-source development embodies the spirit of inclusivity and collective progress and we believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and accessibility.

Our goal is to empower a generation of builders, putting Aineko directly into the hands of developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries like you. Together, we'll evolve our framework and shape the future.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Streamlined Deployment

Run in the cloud as easily as you run locally.

Rich Developer UX

Enjoy full visibility, control, testing, and intuitive troubleshooting.

Optimized Operations

Best in class prod runs, optimized infrastructure, and automations.

Flexible Framework

With Aineko Open Source, use cases are only limited by your imagination.


Get to Know Us

Our founding team came together at Stanford University and was inspired to unlock developer productivity. We encountered the challenges of scaling data-intensive applications throughout our careers across various industries. Recognizing the importance of data in our lives, we set out to lower the barrier and create a new category of application development.


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and supported by top-tier angel investors

Accelerate Your Development Cycles

Our Vision

Aineko and Aineko Cloud illuminate a future where developers effortlessly build and scale data-intensive applications (DIAs). We strive to be the quintessential toolkit for developers pioneering data-rich features and fueling data-driven products.

Our goal is to establish, streamline, and elevate DIA development as a cornerstone in the world of software engineering.

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